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Nice Hold-Over Big Cedar Creek, VA Fly Fishing Virginia Nice Austin Big Cedar Creek Trout Fishing Virginia Big Smiles Big Cedar Creek
Nice Hold-Over Big Cedar Creek, Va. Fly Fishing Virginia Steelhead in Virginia? Beautiful Hold-Over Trout, Little River Virginia Little River, Virginia
Fly Fishing Little River Fly Fishing Lesson, Guide Trip Big Cedar Creek, Virginia Nice Rainbow Trout, Big Cedar Creek Virginia Adele w/ a Beautiful Hold-Over Rainbow from Big Cedar Creek
Big M w/ a Hopper Caught Little River Rainbow 34 inch 13.5lb.(plus) Little River Rainbow Giant Virginia Rainbow Trout Lunch Time on the Trout Stream Little River Virginia Trout Stream
DOUBLE - Big Cedar Creek Nice One, BIG M BIG C Nice Rainbow, Big Cedar Creek Virginia Nice Fast Water 'Bo
Nice Fish Josh Dad and Son DOUBLE Nice One Brad, Big Cedar Creek Josh w/ a Fast Water Rainbow Brad w/ Another Bullet, Big Cedar Creek
36 Inches to the 1st Stripping Guide Ed w/ a Beauty Big Cedar Creek Green Drake Green Drake Spinner Another Coffin Fly in the Mouth
P.I.G., PIG Bob w/ a Nice Hold-Over, Little River Virginia Bob w/ a 5lb.+ Hold-Over Gary w/ a Chrome Beaut Check Out the New Orvis Deluge Rain Coat
Virginia Chrome Big Cedar Creek- March '09 8+lber- Nice One Ray It Sure Was Raining HOG! Big Cedar Creek Virginia
Underwater World Another P.I.G. Bloody Lip, Big Cedar Creek Bulleta Noice Tom, Big Cedar Creek VA
10 1/4 lbs. Jumper, Little River VA Mug Shots Nice one Dick- 11 1/2lbs.< Big Cedar Creek VA Don w/ a Bullet Smile
Mike Jr. w/ a Winter Beauty, Little River VA Mike Sr. w/ a Winter Beauty Nice Little River Virginia Fish 11lbs. First Time Fly Fishing? Fly Fishing Lessons NC VA
Eggi Juan Does it Again Peter w/ a Beauty Personal Best Trout- 15lbs., Little River Virginia Josh w/ Chrome, Little River VA Falls on Big Cedar Creek
Dr. Bill w/ a Nice one B w/ a Fatty Thanksgiving Chrome Brandon w/ a True Fatty Nice Buck
Great Yoder Shot 11lb. Little River, Virginia Rainbow Bryan w/ a Nice Rainbow Sneak Attack Mike w/ a TOAD
Tony w/ a Slab Here's How a 1979 Super Bowl Champ Does It Dr. Bill w/ a Great Fish Go Davidson Nice Hook Jaw
Hunter w/ an 8lber, Little River VA Steve w/ an 8lber Nice Average Rainbow Another Nice One STEEEEEEEEVVVVE
Wolf Creek in Late Spring 10lb. Rainbow Dougy Fresh Eggi Juan Does it Again Calob w/ a TOAD
Nice Fish, Wolf Creek Virginia Steelhead in Virginia? Wolf Creek Paul w/ a Nice Rainbow, Wolf Creek VA Nice Rainbow on Boga Oh Boy, Oberto
Fatty Daddy Martin w/ a Nice One Steve w/ a Bullet Hunter was the Hunter Fast Water Rocket Rainbow, Wolf Creek Virginia
Dave w/ a Virginia Rainbow Bill w/ a Bullet Denmar w/ a 7lber Another 7lb. Rainbow Trout on a Boga?
Streamer Rainbow LeeAnn w/ a Nice One Thad w/ a Cookie Cutter Mike w/ a Toad Paul @ Little River
Wolf Creek Meadow Stream Thad w/ a Nice 'Bow Alex w/ a Football John w/ a Silver Bulleta 10lb. Streamer Trout- 5wt. Helios
Tom Rosenbauer Fishing the Tailout Boga Grip Trout Searching...... Mike Hooked Up- Little River Not a Wild Fish, Who Cares
Robert- Fish On 9 1/2 lbs. Rainbow Trout Scott w/ a Great Rainbow Hitting the Riffles Steve w/ a Beauty
Big Rainbow 6 1/4lb. Rainbow Trout Fish Eye Lense 9lb. Monster Rainbow Another Decent Trout for Mike
Josh w/ a Virginia Rainbow Trout Virginia Rainbow Brad w/ a Toad Rainbow Todd w/ a Wolf Creek Rainbow Wolf Creek, Virginia
Pink Eggi Juan Kenobi Jane Friend w/ a Nice One Another Victim of Eggi Juan Kenobi ToddMae w/ Another Rainbow Josh w/ a Decent Bow
Dave w/ a Southeast Rainbow Trout 26 inch Rainbow- Virginia Nice Rainbow Fly Fishing North Carolina Orvis Helios and Battenkill Mid Arbor Silver Bullet in the Brodin Net
Jeff Fly Fishing Virginia Hise's Hex in the Tongue of a Brown Trout Fly Fishing Virginia Riverbound Kamloop Rainbow Streamer Caught Rainbow in Virginia
Pig Rainbow Virginia Little Football from a Virginia Private Stream The Quick with a 22 Inch Brown Fly Fishing North Carolina Brown Trout Virginia 31 Inch 10 pounder
Fly Fishing Virginia Fly Fishing a Virginia Private Stream Fly Fishing Private Water Fly Fishing North Carolina Brad with a 28 Inch Rainbow

Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Service

Guided Private Stream Fly Fishing Trips- Virginia

Roughly one to three hours to the north of Hickory, North Carolina, in the secluded hills of the southeast, are numerous stretches of private water (close to 14 miles of access on 5 streams) that hold some of the largest and feistiest rainbow trout found anywhere. Double digit rainbows (up to 15 lbs.) are commonly seen and sometimes hooked (the operative word is hooked) in these trophy streams. Fish in the 16 to 20 inch class are more than plentiful and fish between 20 and 26 inches are caught with regularity. These fish aren't fed trout pellets; so, they are in tune with the "natural" environment just as a "wild" brown in a river in New Zealand would be. The best thing is, you dont have to travel to such exotic places to find them. Anglers will have the opportunity to swing or strip streamers, indicator or high stick nymph, and even toss dry flies on some occasions. Join our Orvis Endorsed Guide Service for a day of guaranteed solitude and a chance to land the fish of a lifetime. Give it a try; you'll wonder how and when you can return.

    Rates for Guide Service
  • 2 anglers $450.00 per day
  • 1 angler $350.00 per day
  • Riverbound daily rod fees have been applied to these rates.
  • There are several houses available on various properties. Rates are variable, please call for details.
  • Fees include guided fishing, flies, appropriate terminal tackle, rods/reel combos (if needed) and lunch.
  • There are opportunities for all skill levels. Beginner to advanced anglers are welcome.

    Recommended Gear
  • Waders
  • 9"-10" 5-6wt fly rods
  • Reels with powerful drags
  • Rainwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Change of britches (after you see what you're about to see)


Guided Walk & Wade Fly Fishing Trips- North Carolina, Virginia

These locally guided wade trips will take place on either wild or delayed harvest trout streams in close proximity to Hickory; Watauga, Helton Creek, Mitchell Creek, etc.. Anglers will have the opportunity to catch browns, rainbows, and brook trout in some of the most pristine waters the Southeast has to offer. These trips are designed to accommodate intermediate to advanced anglers and can be arranged to fit their schedule. Trips run from October thru June. Guided trips for smallmouth bass are also available from June thru September. We host these trips on various streams; but, we tend frequent the New River and its tributaries.

    Rates for Guide Service
  • Half-Day for one angler is $150.00
  • Half-Day for two anglers is $235.00
  • Full day for one angler is $275.00
  • Full day for two anglers is $295.00
  • Fees include guided fly fishing, flies, appropriate terminal tackle, and rod/reel combos (if needed). A streamside meal is included for all full day guided fly fishing trips.

A deposit of 50% must be made to complete any reservation. If you cancel your trip within 30 days or more of its date, you can use this deposit to re-book another date. If you cancel your trip within 29 days or less of its date, and we cannot rebook the date, we expect full payment for the trip. If we rebook the guide, the deposit is your only payment. Deposits are not refundable or transferable toward anything but services. Gratuities are appreciated for all service related activities. Guides should be tipped in accordance with the service provided, not by how many fish you catch. Please read the attached article if you are unsure about how to tip your fly fishing guide.


Video Footage from the Private "Trophy" Water:

  • Going "Old Skool UK" w/ Epoxy Buzzers:
    Footage from mid September '09 on Little River in Virginia; 11lb. rainbow on a size 16 epoxy buzzer.

  • Where's the Net?- August '08:
    This clip reveals some horrible cinematography but you can tell that it was a real HOG; even from afar.

  • Fish and their Fishermen- May '08:
    Various fish eye perspectives and the proof that "catch and release" really works. Practice it!

  • Trout Fishing, Anyone?- April '08:
    Epic Dom! They're not wild fish; but, we still had mega fun and we didn't have to battle with Rododendrun.

  • Nymph Fishing for More Trout- March '08:
    Watching this video will still be hazardous to one's mental health; unless you get out on the water in a hurry this spring.

  • Nymph Fishing for Trout- February '08:
    Almost 30 years of trout fishing and.... this was one of the best days I have ever seen. Toddmae was on FUEGO!

  • Fly Fishing for Trout in North Carolina & Virginia:
    This one may cause fidgeting and spastic desire to fly fish North Carolina and other trout streams in the Southeast.

  • Fly Fishing for Trout in Virginia:
    This video will also give you an increased desire to runaway and go fly fishing somewhere in the Southeast.

    Customer Testimonials:

    As I began my research for my next fishing adventure I gave my good friend Dave a call. He had been sending me some pictures of some pretty large trout, but mostly it was the harassing phone calls while I was working that really did me in. I prepared myself for my trip, but I did not know what I had in store. I just knew that I was tired of the same size trout that I had been catching in Michigan. I knew the grass could possibly be greener.

    Upon our approach, the landscape is deceiving. What starts as rolling hills and vast farmland becomes a lush oasis of greenery and glacially-cut rock formations that you might see in the Gaspe Peninsula region. As we drove down the road towards the main lodge, my heart began to gallop. The anticipation was setting in. We parked the car in the gravel lot alongside a magnificent set of rapids that seem to appear from the middle of the rock cliffs. It was at this point that I began to understand why Dave had been blowing my phone up. This place was magical and I hadn't even lined a rod up yet.

    Walking along the rivers edge I noticed a few shadows along a far seam. I made a mental note of this while rigging my rod. Nymphs, Streamers, or Dries? Hmmmm, I decided to go with a streamer. After a few casts with the fuzzy, flopping, piece of prey, it stopped. I figured it must have been caught on a rock ledge. Wrong! The rock ledge moved in the form of a large brown trout. Bull-dogging me the whole way. Up and down the pool and under a few logs. This fish finally came to the net. Leave the trout nets at home; we're talking steelhead size nets. Beautiful spotting and full of aggressiveness, I released the 22" Leroy to fight another day.

    Moving down river, I noticed a very defined seam that poured into a deep pool. From my steelhead and Rocky Mountain trout fishing experience, I knew this could only mean one thing. Beware of Big Trout! However, this sexy piece of water needed a change of tactic. I consulted with Commander Dave about tactics and he suggested that I try the ol' trusty Indicator rig. Great idea! I slipped a float on my leader and matched up my shot to the water flow and depth. Fly choice on this day was going to be small, but something somewhat visible. A redhead stepchild was tied on and given a whirl. A few drifts through and nothing. I let another drift go through and I see a school bus move up off the bottom and inhale my offering. Now, what happens next is still a blur, but I do remember most of it. As I set the hook on this fish, it was like lifting Roseanne Barr from an all u can eat buffet. As the fish began to thrash, I knew right then it was a rainbow on steroids. After about 2-3 minutes of dogging it out in the pool, the fish decides to turn and make a run for it through a rock garden. Surely I was going to break this fish off it I am not careful. I kept my rod tip high and was able to steer the fish away from several close calls. After a 10 minute battle and some sore arms, I brought the 10 lb. beauty to hand. At that moment, all thoughts about the money spent getting here immediately vanished. This was a fish of a lifetime; it was my fish of a lifetime.

    Do yourself a favor and let Commander Dave lead you into battle with one these hogs. It will improve your skills as a fly fisherman and will surely give you bragging rights over your fishing buddies.

    Nick Garlock, March 2007


    Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the wonderful fishing experience I enjoyed yesterday at the private water. I had heard that the fishery was challenging and that the fish were big, but my expectations were exceeded.

    First I would like to comment on the property that I had the chance to enjoy. The stream was clean and quite large. The water was an outstanding combination of riffles and runs with multiple bends, creating moving deep water habitat. The stream is in a valley surrounded by mountains so the views are outstanding. However, the open nature of the stream makes looking at your back cast virtually unnecessary. For anglers who are working on their casting, this will be a great place to practice without having to untangle rigs from laurel every 3rd cast. The stream also offers a rare opportunity in the SE to fish a freestone stream that has a larger "Western" feel.

    The fish are big, plentiful, and hard fighting. Unlike some planted fish that come out of concrete runs, these fish are definitely raised in earthen ponds. They are in great shape with nice fins and great color after their release. They are also Kamloop rainbows that are known for their hard fighting and acrobatics. The fish that we caught didn't disappoint with their vigor. They also ate readily but the presentation and the fly did have to be right; these fish are no pushovers.

    I would recommend a trip to Caster's private water for both experienced anglers who are looking for a chance to catch a trophy fish, as well as, the beginner who wants to experience outstanding fly-fishing.

    Jon Hill, January 2008


    What a GREAT time I had fishing with you on the private waters in Virginia! At first I was skeptical as to the size of fish you had mentioned. It wasn't long after we had arrived from the short ride that I had seen with my own eyes, these so-called "Pigs". The water in this freestone stream is as clear as it can be, which makes catching these trophy fish quite a challenge.

    For those of you whom are sitting on the fence about going on this spectacular trip, I encourage you to experience a thrill of your life. The stream has both clear casting lanes for the beginners as well as tight "cover" lies for the most challenging of tosses in the water. If you wish to stay for the week/weekend, the property has a home you can rent. A room per day or the entire house for a company retreat. The fish are stocked but it is certainly no "casting pond", meaning you MUST present the right fly in the correct manner to land one. That being said, Dave Hise is one of the most professional anglers I've met. He is willing to help as much as you like or need, for that matter. Myself, I don't consider a "Trout Bum" but I've fished before. Dave has helped me tremendously with my technique as well as sharing some of his own time honored tradition and a few secrets of the trade. That alone was worth the trip for me, and I will go again.

    David Cape, January 2008

    Dave Hise recently guided me on "The Hog Farm"...What I already knew is that Dave is very skilled in all technical, and practical fishing aspects. Dave's ability to read water helped me to catch more larger fish in one day than ever before. I was tired from catching big fish! Thanks Dave!

    Josh Gonzales, February 2008

    The fishing was everything I had hoped for; made up for all of those dismal days in Yosemite...2 to 3 fish weighing in at a mere 1 lb.. On the private access streams we had double digit days, including a day where we landed well over 75 fish (2 dozen of which were 23 inches or larger; 3 1/2lbs. to over 7lbs., each). Thanks Eggi Juan.

    Todd Cowles, February 2008


    It was a real treat to observe a very large trout in his feeding zone go through the process of picking out the fly moving toward him, assessing whether or not it was worth eating, and then positioning himself to take the fly. Then.... actually watching him turn, open his mouth, and take the fly. Exciting stuff to watch for any fly fisherman. I also very much appreciated observing how a true professional guide goes about his business. I found it interesting how you assessed our personalities and then tailored your attention and support to each of us. Thank you for a day full of memories.

    Lee Rinehart, March 2008

    Hey Dave,

    Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. Elizabeth and I went to bed laughing because all we could see were fish in the river when we closed our eyes. Truely an amazing way to begin. Not to let you down on our excitement about the size of the fish, but we really enjoyed the lessons just as much. I can't tell you how much more confident we both are from one day with you. You are where you were meant to be.

    Jamie and Elizabeth Ference, April 2008


    I enjoyed the fishing day on Wolf Creek. My casting was rusty, as I hadn't been on the water since last fall. The creek was fine for trying a lot of different locations for holding fish. I hope to find a day in the fall for fishing the other water near Lebanon and I will contact you later in that regard. Thanks for a very professional and enjoyable day.

    Larry Schreiber, April 2008

    Hey Dave,

    Terry and I had a blast today; that was bar none the best trout fishing either of us had ever done. We learned a lot and look forward to our next trip with Casters. Send us some pictures as soon as you get a chance so we can back up our boasting.

    Jonathan Honeycutt, May 2008


    Just wanted to say thanks again for the trip in Virginia yesterday. Al and I both had a fantastic time and would like to do it again sometime. I don’t think either one of us will soon forget that 'hog' stripping out his line into the backing! I also talked to my brother about the place and he was definitely interested.

    Dr. John and Alex Meier, May 2008

    I recently was Dave's client on a wonderful full day guided trip on private trout water in Virginia. My trip with Dave was fantastic. He was very prompt in answering my blind query to fish, very informative and highly accurate in his recommendations. He produced a day of fishing that was superb by any standards: he handled me and my two colleagues admirably up and down the river with patient advice, tactics, information, technical support and humor. He was consistently professional, warm and cordial from the beginning, and very instructive and attentive. Dave's gourmet lunches with his own home-made creations were also very impressive to all, and delicious. He gave us such an enormous value and experience with that fishing day, I know that my colleagues will certainly use him again, as I will. I have also referred his services to several fly fishing colleagues who I think would enjoy the same quality professional fly fishing experience.

    Having enjoyed multiple different guided fly fishing trips on such wonderful waters as the Madison (MT), the Big Horn (MT), the Clark Fork (MT), Boston Harbor (Orvis guide Wayne Frieden), Key West (FL), the North Platte (WY), the Bow (Alberta), the Frying Pan (CO), the Green (UT), the Arkansas (CO), and the Colorado (CO), I have a reasonable set of expectations and experiences for such trips. Dave's day guiding us exceeded many of my wonderful fishing days to date, setting yet another superlative experience into my memory banks.

    Dr. David Grainger, May 2008

    I was invited to fish with Dave on Friday Nov. 28th by a member of my extended family. It was one of the most amazing fishing trips I have been on. It started out slow due to the low water and 38 degree water temperature. The fish would only get interested if the fly was right in front of their face but after an hour and only one fish Dave showed his creative side and switched to a fly that produced nonstop action for the next few hours. Literally every cast was a strike or attempt to eat and ended up producing 20 plus trout. I certainly recommend fishing with Dave because you will not only catch fish you will learn a tremendous amount in a short time.

    Brandon Mallard, November 2008


    Thanks for the quick follow up on pictures, yours came out really well. That day was one of the best of my life. I filled out the Orvis survey immediately and believe me you got the highest endorsement. You put on a class day, LOVED the lunch, put us on the fish, and you are fun to be with. It exceeded expectations. Thank you. How big do you think mine was that was lost ? It was fun, fun, fun. We will do it again.

    Dale Mathews, April 2009


    Thanks again for the outstanding fishing trip. One of the best trips I've been on to date. Solid fishing all day long and a few monsters to boot. Top notch in every aspect from putting us on fish, prime equipment, and excellent service. Only thing I regret was the workout we gave you netting fish. Good problem to have and it beats the gym, right! Keep the heterogenus nymphs stocked. They are unstoppable!

    Rick Fratcher, October 2009    
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