Colorado Fly Fishing

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Headed to Colorado? Want to chase the big browns during the spring and fall runs? Then there is without a doubt, one guy you need to contact, Landon Mayer. Having spent his youth chasing trout at Spinney Mountain Ranch, aka The Dream Stream, 11 Mile Canyon, Deckers and numerous other Colorado waters, Landon ought be one of your first contacts when looking for a guide. We've spent some time on the water with Landon and can attest to his innate ability in sighting fish. Now, as most of us trout hunters realize, this can be important. Many of us feel comfortable fishing new water by our lonesome, but when it comes to fishing some of the most fabled trout water, fully expect the fish to be spooky beyond belief. Here in Colorado, be prepared to realize a 0 catch day without a guide. Landon has developed techniques designed to maximize your chances in catching trout. Do you low crawl along banks when sighting fish? Would you know to keep your rod tip low to the water when fishing the Dream Stream? Landon does and these are the exact techniques Landon will show you to increase your chances at monster trout. Not only will you get the opportunity to learn from one of Colorado's finest fly fishermen, but you will without a doubt leave Colorado a better fly fisherman.

Contact Landon for availability and rates.

Colorado Fly Fishing photos courtesy of Landon Mayer




Peak Fly Shop

Heading to Colorado to spend a few days on the water? Need to know the "goto" flies? With two locations, The Peak Fly Shop is your solution to the surrounding waters. There is nothing worse than going to an unknown region, walking into a fly shop and receiving the wrong information regarding fly selection, where to fish, how to fish and the all around generals that can make or break a fly fishing excursion to new waters. At The Peak Fly Shop, they will provide you with accurate information and assist you in any shape possible to improve your chances on The Dream Stream, Eleven Mile Canyon, Deckers, Cheeseman Canyon and the Arkansas. Not only are they a fly shop, but they also provide guide services, local area fishing reports and destination trips. If you're headed to Colorado for a few days on the water, contact The Peak Fly Shop.


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