Fly Fishing Instruction

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Fly Fishing Lessons and Instruction

Our goal is to teach you what you feel you need to learn, in addition to, what we feel you need to learn. These 4 hour fly fishing lessons cover fly casting, knot tying, leader construction, entomology, reading the water, as well as, the groundwork for effective wet fly, dry fly, nymph, and streamer fishing. By appointment only and we try to fit the trip into your schedule. Gear included (except waders; although, we do have a few loaner pairs available).


Fly Casting Lessons and Instruction

Our goal during these lessons is to teach the mechanics of the fly cast- pickup, backcast, pause, forward cast, pause, delivery; as well as, timing, and extending line. For the best results, our Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructors (or FFF) typically break each 1 hour fly casting lesson into 2 half hour sessions. We teach the basics during the first session and focus on extending line during the second.


A deposit of 50% must be made to complete any reservation. If you cancel your instruction/lesson within 30 days or more of its date, you can use this deposit to re-book another date. If you cancel your instruction/lesson within 29 days or less of its date, and we cannot rebook the date, we expect full payment. If we rebook the date, the deposit will be your only payment. Deposits are not refundable or transferable toward anything but services. Gratuities are appreciated for all service related activities. Fly fishing guides/instructors should be tipped in accordance with the service provided, not by how many fish you catch.

Link to the Proper Way of Tipping Your Instructor/Guide


Customer Testimonials

Hey Dave,

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. Elizabeth and I went to bed laughing because all we could see were fish in the river when we closed our eyes. Truely an amazing way to begin. Not to let you down on our excitement about the size of the fish, but we really enjoyed the lessons just as much. I can't tell you how much more confident we both are from one day with you. You are where you were meant to be.

Jamie and Elizabeth Ference


Hi Dave,

Just a note to say how much Tim and I enjoyed our day with you on the Watauga last week! I think you created a new fisher, as Tim is anxious to go again. I will be working on piquing his fishing interest so that we have a new hobby. Your calm expertise was well-taken and appreciated and what a great birthday present it turned out to be. We were amazed that we hardly noticed the rain and it didn't matter, at all. You are the best Orvis instructor I have encountered and I very much appreciate all you did for us. It's just hard convincing people that we both caught 2-at-a-time!---but since I know it's true, I also believe Tim hooked a 20" trout.

Sandra White



Thanks for the time and instruction you gave to Derek and Michael today. Michael said it was the most fun he's had in three years! I am sure the 18'' trout had something to do with it. We look forward to receiving your pictures.

Sandy Luney


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