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Despite its name, the New River is considered to be possibly one of the oldest rivers in the world, between 10 million and 360 million years old. It flows in a south to north course, which is against the southwest to northeast topology of the Appalachian Mountains and the west to east flow of most other nearby major rivers; especially in Virginia and North Carolina. It is formed by the confluence of the South Fork and the North Fork of the New. The New River is home to many species of freshwater game fish including bass, trout, walleye, muskellunge, crappie, bluegill, carp, or flathead and channel catfish. It is considered, by many, as one of the finest smallmouth rivers in the country. It is a extremely large and often ominous stream to fish. Anglers will find sections of fast riffle water, pools, deep pockets, and glassy flat water. It is best fished within a watercraft but can also be waded in various sections throughout; especially near the State Park accesses. The smallies are plentiful and fairly forgiving to catch. They average 10 to 16 inches and it is not uncommon for anglers to find smallies that range in size from 18 to 24 inches. Streamers and nymphs work throughout the season and poppers rule from the summer through the fall. Poppers, Kraft's kreelex, Kraft's clawdad, Todd's wiggle minnow, tequeely, and various baitfish patterns have been productive fly patterns to toss around.


The rivers and creeks in southwestern Virginia are fishing well during moderating periods. Be sure to use white and black streamers, various nymphs, egg and worm patterns. We are in the process of adding another 5 miles of water so stay tuned. Be sure to check out the North Carolina and Virginia Guided Fly Fishing section of this site for more information. There are plenty of photos and fly fishing videos that feature some of the fish from the "trophy" waters. Reserve your trip today!



This promo video was compiled on numerous streams in western North Carolina and southwestern Virginia. A Bent Rod Media Production.




Water levels are low and water temps are in the low to mid 50's dependent on the time of the day. Fishing has been consistent in the morning and slows down as the afternoon sets in. A multitude of patterns are working.


Water levels are low and water temps are in the low to high 50's dependent on the time of the day. Use the usual suspects but small nymphs, larva and Squirmy Wormie have been fooling the most fish. There is a potpourri of insects fluttering about from craneflies to caddis to golden stones and midges to small mayflies. Hatching activity will really pop within the next week and a half.


Water levels are low and water temps are in the low to high 50's dependent on the time of the day. Expect to see ice in the slower runs and pools. Fish a variety of nymph, egg and worm patterns under an indicator for the best results; copper John's, Mercer's micro mayflies, pheasant tails, Y2K's, Hise's eggi juan kenobi's, squirmy wormies, Hise's gooey caddis larvae, sili skin caddis, bead head flashback hares ears, Czech nymphs, depth charge Czech nymphs, San Juan worms, Hise's hetero-genius nymphs, various midge larvae, Hise's ooey gooey grubs, Holy Grails, Duke's Prince John, and lightning bugs, to name a few. Also, dont forget black or white woolly buggers.


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